Quality Care for you and your family

We work case by case for individualized care, and provide free direct transportation for all services, translation, and assistance with health coverage and social resources.


We provide a broad range of high-quality primary medical services to help you and your family live a stronger and healthier life.


Life is better with a smile. Our dental professionals offer a wide range of dental care services to improve your smile.


A proper vision helps maintain a good quality of life. We provide eye health exams and treatment for all of your vision needs.


We are a family of professionals dedicated to making a difference in the Orange County area.

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Lowell Gordon, MD, MBA
Chief Medical Officer / Medical Director



For all California children and qualified adult. It covers medical, dental, and vision services

Child Health and Disability Prevention Program

Includes free vaccines and physicals for children as well as temporary Medi-Cal for some

Vaccines For Children

Free vaccines for children with universal database

Family PACT

For all reproductive males and females: Includes birth control, pregnancy testing, STD testing, and some reproductive cancer screenings

Presumptive Eligibility

For all women who test positive for pregnancy: Immediately convers pregnancy medical services with temporary Medi-Cal

Every Woman Counts

Includes Free Female Cancer Screenings for all women who meet age and circumstantial criteria

Free Visits

For all uninsured and underinsured patients: Includes medical exams and optometry exams (It does not include lab work or glasses)

Low and No Cost Referrals

Refers uninsured and underinsured patients to specialist and programs for chronic conditions.


Call us and make your reservation for free group classes presented by experts in Fitnes, Nutrition, Personal Developments, and many more areas that will help improve your lifestyle

  • Boost your energy levels
  • Discover how to choose healthier foods
  • Learn to control your chronic conditions
  • Enhance your personal communication skills